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Yoni Steaming Blend - 16 ounces

Yoni Steaming Blend - 16 ounces

Red clover - used for estrogen properties to relieve menopausal symptoms, blood purifier breaks up calcification in soft tissues and cleans the lymphatic system of lymph fluid waste.

Hops - antibacterial relieves pain, infections, reduces anxiety and irritability

Hydrangea- antiseptic used to treat bladder and kidney disease, clean the lymphatic system and dissolve kidney stones.

Damiana - has anti-aromatase an anti-anxiety properties used to strengthen the sexual organs and boost sexual drive and potency. Used to help control estrogen related illness in women like breast cancer and fibroids. Women use it to reduce hot flashes associated with menopause. It helps balance estrogen and increases oxygen delivery to the genitals resulting in increased libido.

Blessed thistle- has antifungal properties and emmenagogue properties that treat hormonal disorders that interfere with normal menstruation. Use to remove toxins acid and mucus and assist in intracellular cleansing (inside cells).

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